Monday, September 1, 2008

Alien Pictures

I have always been really fascinated by aliens, I expect to wake up one morning to discover that overnight aliens have landed and are A: blowing all types of shit up or B: inviting us to come and drink Martinis in their intergalactic club - they only play psi-trance and deep house - the club is called 'oh fuck are you going to hate this place and costs 38 dollars on the door.

I've had a good look all over the internet for the pictures that prove space travellers have already landed and are living amongst us. Yes I have done your research for you, you lazy scab.

There's certainly a lot of badly Photoshoped pictures out there and plenty of ridiculous images of costumed people pretending to be aliens. These two images are hard to dispute though.

Can you honestly say that these guys aren't terrifying creatures from another world?


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